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Posted by Takachi ALP , 15 January 2010 · 909 views

Once I Had a principle to one thing for a long while when digital music sources like CD or MD begun popular to people getting to buy cheaper and easier than before generally.
This is a decision to buy analogue records only in limit on my some favorite artists or series even if those CD released. Because I really disliked those views or designs were ruined from sized smaller. Such a reason , I also bought some parts for listening to, haven't got for a long time CDs of New Order ,ACR (or other Factory artists) , Morrissey , DAF, YMO, The Orb, The Peel Sessions and the other record which posses beautiful design.
Of course Kraftwerk was just one of them.

By the way, my backgrounds of Kraftwerk records started to buy from "Autobahn" as issued "Synthesizer Super Collection Series" in Japan in early 80's. (This series obi was the same as Rusputin's collections of "Ralf & Florian" and "Kraftwerk 1".)
※Unfortunately I sold this one to used record shop for buying something new records long time ago when I was young... :)
Then "Computer World" as new released those days, "Trans Europe Express", "Radio-Activity" ,"The Man-Machine" and some analogue bootlegs, kept buying till "Electric Cafe(EU:"Deauche Version" sticker adapted)"
※except for "Electric Cafe" ,three titles are all US Capitol Edition; especially I bought to change two or three times till inside sleeves became products as same as first issued nearly!
And several year after that, used "Ralf and Florian" (US) and "Kraftwerk 2"(Japan; as same as Ras collection adapted "Euro Rock Super Collection" obi). I owing those still now. B)

You may think I am a kind of collector because I possess any historic articles about Kraftwerk. But I got bought almost regular prices these days! (Does collector sell Autobahn LP adapted Obi??)
Some months ago, I belong to Discogue website, A collector send message to me that he wanted to buy my bootleg 350euro. I got it priced about 50euro when I was high school student,24years ago! I had a reason why I'd got it that is just only want to listen to Kraftwerk Live again because of my being in their gig at Nakano!
See Concert Pamphlet and Music Magazine I showed in this forum. What the hell bad conditions! Do you think any collectors is keeping and possessing such conditions for a long time??

Sorry, back to main stories...
But I can't be against convenient age today, since I possessed my own portable CD player and analogue records produced less than before so that begun to going to be a little expensive to buy in Japan, Finally I broke my principle and started to buy CD from "The Mix" about Kraftwerk's new issues :)
Some years past, especially after married, I've could have enough money to buy something freely year after year. And more, I had to part with my analogue record player for moving to my current address...

"The Catalogue Just Released" , To tell the truth, I just not thought I would want it especially.
Exactly new jackets , special box and unreleased-pictures booklet tempted me my desire. However, generaly box-set CD features/adds some unreleased or bonus tracks, The Catlogue has Nothing!! Just Remastered Only!! ("Housephone" and "Tour de France '83" were featured, but I have listened to and owe them as 12 inches Singles :) ) I don't need high quality sounds, I really want something new from them...

BUT! VINYL EDITION JUST RELEASED for a few days ago even in Japan!!
Can see those booklet and jacket cover More Larger...How Beautiful, Wonderful and Graceful!!
I cannot listen to this because of no analogue player, but it's the best to me just to own only!!
I Really Want It!! But I CANNOT BUY NOW!!

The reason is just simple...my family don't have enough money to get buy now :)
About 1 years ago, I quited my job and get some bonus for retirement. Then I bought some electric equipments and took my wife to leisure somewhere after a while, so almost money has gone... :(
Really Wish Now "The Analogue" would issue 1 year ,or A Half Year Ago At Least!!

Oh, I just remembered it's Lottery day today.
Let me go and buy now! :)

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