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I Am A Spammer??

Posted by Takachi ALP , 08 February 2010 · 712 views

Still on the way to publicize Japanese Subforum "居酒屋「赤ちょうちん」” for Japanese Kraftwerk fans on the internet. But to be frank, I never guessed it would be hard business... :)

Thanks to Japanese members "tn8" and "Froschmaschine" who already joined here, A few Japanese just been registered or due to register from now.
First, I begged Froschmaschine "Toshiyo-san" to notice of this forum on her Japanese blog "学級文庫KRAFTWERKLIEBE" and she accepted that gladly. :)
Then tn8 "Craftwife" commented on her topic "日本のコミュニティ Nippon no Komyunitii (Communities in Japan)" ;
"At present, (Kraftwerk) communities on 'mixi' seems the biggest..."

'mixi' is the biggest-class Japanese forum in Japan. However even if you expect to get into there, you'd have to be introduced by someone who already registered there. I also was introduced by networking friend of other website who had joined mixi and have done. But although being there, did not get into there for a long time after a few in the first!! So I tried to be there again and announced about Electric Cafe and its Japanese subforum.

Wow! There are many fan forum not only Kraftwerk but also electronic music/artists!! :)
I wanted to announced of Electric Cafe to all forums, but it's hard way to me so that only in limit of Kraftwerk Fanforums.
For all that, "KRAFTWERK" (features about 8500members!) heads the list, "Kraftwerk(クラフトワーク)”,"Love Kraftwek, Need Kraftwerk", "Karl Bartos"etc...Totally 9forums (or more if I missed), big and small, exists on mixi. :) I posted on the topic of MANY Kraftwerk fanforums the message like this...
"I am Takachi 'AutumnLeafProjekt' came from overseas Kraftwerk Fanforum "Electric Cafe"...We just opened Japanese subforum 「居酒屋赤ちょうちん」 on Electric Cafe the other day...Electric Cafe has world-wide communities featured English mainly, German, Italian and so on, and embraces Archive, Data, Issues about Kraftwerk all over the world...I hope Japanese forum will be grown by all Japanese Kraftwerk fans who would join here..."

I finished to announce over mixi and would go next step, but A Problem Happened!!
A fan of Toshiyo's blog commented there that he couldn't log in Electric Cafe by Any Judgements unfortunately... 'Any Judgements'?? No!! Electric Cafe sometimes refers a person who wants to join here before registering, but doesn't reject a person who wants to join here principally!!
I sent PM to ras and John immediately and asked them what's the matter with him. John responded quickly and said ;
" you have to understand the checks that we make to ensure the people that are trying to join are "real" people and not spammers...We have several web-sites that we use to do some checks....If it didn't appear then it means his details are being banned before they get to us .. i..e he is using an IP address that has been used by spammers .. or a bad email address."
Then ras (also John) noticed me how to repair those troubles.
Thus, I really understood two admins ras and John have pained about spam, and I decided I shall support them as possible as I can even only about Japanese Fans who want to belong to here from now.

Then I got into mixi again for post some comments and apologize that there is a case of not entering to Electric Cafe by strong-spam-protection and you would send message if you couldn't registered. :)

A few hours ago, a Kraftwerk fan posted a comment my topic to me on mixi forum"KRAFTWERK". It said...
" What are you kind GUY who experienced to be pained by spam DID POST MANY SPAM-MESSAGES(same messages on Kraftwerk forums)??"
OMG...There is a Japanese proverb " A mummy-catcher lost and becomes a mummy (nearly English; Many go out for wool and come home shorn)", However I was "A spam-protector lost and become a Spammer"!! B)
Of course I just removed all except for forum KRAFTWERK...

Therefore I'll get to next for Japanese Forum after I would take my original "electric cafe. info" mail address and banner of here for promotion of Electric Cafe.
Until that, I'm taking a rest...Give Me A Break :(

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