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Reason of Blank in Two Months

Posted by Takachi ALP , 10 May 2010 · 645 views

Wow!! :) It takes about two months to reach here finally...

I was surviving on the world of networking and discovered several interesting things to get my own Ambition :)
It was not only reason.
I also have been trying to search for how to promote or announce this forum all over the world B) One of them I tried , creating the promotion clip.

What for create the video I had to do first was the sources I had to use were what people (many Kraftwerk fans or mania) had never seen or heard before, so I checked and searched out some of the many from VIP Section normal members never known. And with understanding and help from Japanese member, Froschmaschen (well-known as 'm1044' on You Tube who created Anime of Kraftwerk things), also chose to use form a lot of her works....
Thus I just completed the video for this forum somehow then let admins see it.
More or less, it was in honor of them, but I knew, There are many parts of this we would have to repair if it would be on public....so unfortunately, I decided to show this video on public :)
However I got some opinions from admins who saw my video, we need members who motivate and addict to promote more for this forum.

One week before, suddenly Kraftwerk Art Forum "Metropolis" was created on Fan Section! :(
Recently we have had or found some members who has good ability of art, so maybe one admin moved for them and future :)
I really expect we are going to rise this forum up with members who is enthusiastic to help with motivation.
Now we admins are also groping some promotions or announcements for this forum with networking system like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and so on. Please give us your opinion.

Now just finished this blog, I'm going to Change All of Me on the internet world forward to Next Ambitions!! :)
See You some day with New Look!! :)

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