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New Forum / Old Cellphone

Posted by Takachi ALP , 19 November 2010 · 1,460 views

Forum changed new style...It's so welcome for many members that HP can be easy to understand、 Voting or respond the topic is easier than before、 and nevertheless we can share the topic we like to tweeter、facebook or other famous websites. :)

In the meanwhile、 there is one guy who is not quite pleased with this new format of Electric Cafe... IT'S JUST ME!! :(

I couldn't get into here well from my PC because of my business、so I had been pain to check what happend in this forum.
Sometime I had got into Electric Cafe with my old cellphone using for about three years before、 but it's so hard to get in to it and check one post on the one topic though!! :o

However about six months ago、I 've got and put a new browser called "jigbrowser" on my cellphone for easy operating and controling like doing on personal computers!
As my expected、 I could've been not also operating but also seeing any website I could never! Electric Cafe was the one.
I could see any contents I could never、reply to the comments、and also check the information of today's active post on the cellphone-screen-format even though my cellphone is classical! :lol:

But...new forum just only appeared on the personal-computer-format screen、 not as cellphone format! :angry:
The way of seeing this new forum on my cellphone is that, go to the "setting"option before seeing, then change for 'cellphone' to 'PC' on the "screen" option, then back to front and go to Electric Cafe, then control the size of page/fonts for seeing easily...so far it's troblesome to me to explain and get in to this new type with my old cellphone. <_<
Maybe, I will buy My Smart Phone like iPhone or Galaxy S someday...but I will post/respond to any topics/comments later than before until that ;)

By the way, this year still closes to the end、 I'm expecting to vote a new big? topic about Kraftwerk and YMO together in this year as possible! B)
To tell the truth、 I 'm already finished to translate it on the notebook a few month ago、 but it's not ongoing as my expected to put it on to the personal computer! :wacko:
I'm thinking I would have to do this work at the point on the consentration for complete.
So...Wait for my next contribution witout expectation -_-

Try Opera Mini for Java, set the style at the bottom to IP board mobile.
Takachi ALP
Oct 14 2011 01:47 PM
Thanks for your comment Sol! :lol:

Actually I changed this cellphone to smartphone, LG L-04C (Optimas Chat) :)
It's smooth and comfortable for now.

However...Any Flash Player could be Never Installed!! due to the reasonable price when I bought... :(
can we store videos in another format, specially for smartphone users ?

I do not use a smartphone, I have a secretary, so you need to help me out on this subject
Takachi ALP
Oct 16 2011 12:13 PM
Thanks for your comment Ras ;)

Perhaps yes.
it may be possible if smartphones' application exists on the Android Market, it's same to iPhone.

But I'm not sure I can help you or not because of the response for the Sol my smartphone's function less than other models ...:huh:

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