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Behind the "Michael" ~How did I acquire MJ's new stuff before released? ~

Posted by Takachi ALP , 15 December 2010 · 894 views

michael jackson yellow magic orchestra
Recently I've been addicting to search for Blogs About Music that supply us many music for FREE DOWNLOADING. It begun since I was looking for One song I had wanted to hear for long time and found it from a certain blog by accident. :rolleyes:

With many surprising, it has carried many genre not only music for supply to enable to get freely.
For the first time I Never wanted to gain them, Just only wanted to hear ...because I was afraid my pc's hard-disk would be filled up with many files. However I knew and discovered many blogs for free download existing anywhere on internet without my expected!! :wacko:
And finally I bought Output HDD, since then I download every time as soon as I find any music and it's available for free B)

When I knew Legendary Cover Song of YMO "Behind The Mask" by Michael Jackson appeared on his new album"Michael", I started searching for this one.
You Tube at first - found easily some "Michael Jackson-Behind The Mask" as soon as searching. But...Every videos are not MJ! They are all MJ "version" Behind The Mask! :angry:
I kept net-surfin' to search for Real MJ's Behind. Dailymotion、 Nico-Do、yoku、SoundCloud、mixcloud、 etc.etc... Any movie or music、 major or minor websites or blogs as far as l knew hadn't uploaded... :(

One day early morning、 about 10 days before releasing MJ 's new album、 I checked my twitter timeline on the train to the job as usual.
I suddenly found out and granced at one post that connected with RSS of free-download blog!It said "Michael Jackson - Michael (2010) mp3 rapidshare hotfile megaupload" - "I Got It!!" loud and shouted in my mind on the rushed train! :blink:

I got off the train at my purpose station then walk to the office a little bit faster than usual then turn on the pc as soon as got at there.
And opened and checked out the blog carried the MJ's new stuff. YES! IT WAS THERE!!
There were two links for download on the page below. I touched the first link- address then that dowload page opened. however it said this file been deleted by the problem of copyright...it was the result as my own guessing. :unsure:
And I touched another second link with praying in my mind this file would still exists...
Yes! It was active and download was just suceededed with it ! but、how is the file? Not Broken?
I opend it as soon as it completed and tried to listen. I could hear the album's first song "Hold in My Hand" then I recognized this file has no problem! :lol:

Next day of that, I thought I would create a new topic adding the file "Behind" on Artist Section/Synthetic Electronic Sound/Yellow Magic Orchestra while was listening to all stuff of "Michael" on the train to my home from job. It was completed to describe after three days since I begun to creat, the five days before the day of release MJ's new stuff.
But! I was concerned if this topic would cause the problem by my adding the file and bring some trouble me and this forum...
I gave up the ditribution it on the day and contributed the day before his album released officially :blush:....

Thus I could show you my topic "MJ Covered YMO!!" and get you to hear the MJ's "Behind" as soon as possible. However I think sometime...who accepted this album's file from where and why he uploaded it for what even it's free? :ph34r:
I flashed the lyric of Behind on my mind...
Is It Me?
Is It You?
Behind this "Michael", I ask

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