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"The First Visit in Japan" 30th Anniversary!!

Posted by Takachi ALP , 04 January 2011 · 1,304 views

kraftwerk Live 1981 Japan
This year is a commemorative year for not only me but also us Japanese Kraftwerkian. Because just 30 years past since they visited in Japan for the first time!! :lol:
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From the '81 Japan Tour's Concert Program

To tell the truth, I didn't conscious about that at all even though it reached 20th years or 25th years. :mellow:
However I joined here about 2 years ago, many archives here reminded me of some parts memory of September in Tokyo 1981....

My sister、 5years older than me, bring me to Nakano Sun Plaza Hall.
We bought a concert program first as soon as went in to the venue.
We sat our reserved seat on the 4th or 5th row from the front near the left huge speaker.
Stage was shut off with black curtain like the scree of movie theater.
Buzzer announcing 5minutes before start the show blew, and then a little noisy but comfortable electronic sound popped louder little by little、 the hall became darker step by step.
And in the end of "Pre-show sound" playing、 robotic voice announced "Meine Damen und Herren...". Then "Numbers" intro-beat started after a short while the robotic announcement finished.
The black curtain were opened from center to right and left side and the stage brightened so flashy and their equipment appeared.

I suggest you seeing this video about their performance that day rather than I explain ;)
And also I issued this live situation and my impression here, so prefer it if good ;)

I posted some archives about '81 Japan Tour, but I couldn't issue and post some requests to translate the article...So this year, I mainly post or create the topics more for their 30th anniversary of their first visit in Japan as possible as I can. B)

Please don't expect but wait for it!! :lol:

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