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The Unreleased 1971 Album: Schneider/Dinger/Rother lineup (Can will have a release in the future?)

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Posted 01 May 2017 - 03:16 AM


Florian Schneider witnesses Michael Rother´s jam with Ralph Hütter in Kraftwerk´s Kling Klang Studio and invites Rother to join the band after Hütter´s retreat. 
In the lineup Florian Schneider, Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother Kraftwerk play numerous concerts around Germany. They appear in one radio and two tv shows, i.e. the popular BEAT-CLUB. Schneider, Dinger and Rother perform “Rückstossgondoliero” (released in 2001 on the BEAT-CLUB dvd “Best of ´71”). The recording sessions for the second Kraftwerk album in the lineup Schneider/Dinger/Rother with Conny Plank as co-producer remain unsatisfactory and are terminated half-way through.

That's what is written on the NEU!'s website ( neu2010.com/#2 )
We know that the lineup Schneider, Dinger and Rother was short duration. We can know how it was thanks to the two concerts recorded:
*25/06/1971 - Germany Bremen Gondel Kino 
*11/07/1971 -St. Ingbert, Beckerhall
and two tv-shows
* 22/05/1971 - Beat Club 
*?/?/1971 - German TV Show ("Okie Dokie")
But Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother did't reach to comprise of a album of Kraftwerk, or at least that's what think to so far
I searched for information based on this topic and I found interviews with Michael Rother, who clarify that 1971 sessions were recorded and why they were not concluded, leaving more clear the reason for the departure of Rother and Dinger to form NEU!
"...But personal and musical tensions between Dinger and Schneider meant a split was inevitable. Soon afterwards, Dinger and Rother launched Neu!..."
"I first met Conny Plank in the summer of 1971 when we tried to record the second Kraftwerk album with the Schneider/Dinger/Rother lineup..."
[regarding early Kraftwerk live in a lineup featuring Florian Schneider, Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger]
"We tried to do our best like we always do. Sometimes we had those shows that didn’t work, and the same happened when we went into the studio as Kraftwerk, we went in to record the second album, but in that studio it was like in outer space, there was no room, we were playing in a small box, everything was acoustically dead, probably a room for recording a singer, I don’t know, it had absolutely no sound for us, that was one reason why we weren’t successful, we recorded two or three songs I think, 20 minutes, and that was when we were sure it wasn’t going to work and we stopped the recordings, shortly afterwards we even split. No, Kraftwerk, Klaus and I and Florian, Klaus and I agreed on most things musically, so it was quite normal that we go together. In the end it was clear at one certain moment that we didn’t want to continue [as Kraftwerk]. I remember it a little bit different from Klaus, there was a lot of arguing and psychological warfare going on, there were extreme personalities, Klaus and I and Florian, apart from maybe having different opinions of the direction the music should take, apart from Florian, maybe he had the idea that he was a minority with us, and we were taking his name, Kraftwerk, in a direction that wasn’t his. Maybe that’s near the truth, and maybe at that time Ralf Hütter reconnected to Florian, and thought maybe they should try again. At that time, we were with Conny Plank, Klaus and I, when we did the Kraftwerk session in the studio and said, straightaway, we said OK, lets do something on our own with Conny. I collected some ideas, Klaus collected some ideas, for two or three months, booked the studio in Hamburg, and recorded the first Neu! album with Conny."
One of the reasons that you’re dependent on interaction with an audience is that you’ve actually never recorded anything with Kraftwerk, at least not anything that got released. Why was that?
The distinction is right. We did record, I think, about 25 minutes with Conny Plank as co-producer in 1971, but halfway through, that was already near the end of our collaboration, and we realized that in the studio it didn’t work. This was very wild, improvised music, and in the studio, we had the same clinical situation, and we didn’t really get far, so we decided to stop, and the tapes are probably in the vault with Florian Schneider.
Would you like to rerelease that or ever release it?
I’m not so sure if that’s really worthy of a release, but for historical reasons, of course, it would be interesting. Actually, maybe, I think most of you are musicians. At least that’s what I was told.
Thanks to all of the above, we can conclude that lineup Schneider / Dinger / Rother were to record in studio what would be Kraftwerk 2, but because of the creative differences between Schneider and Dinger / Rother during the recording, they left the band to form NEU! 
But we do not know if these recordings these recordings still exist or are stored, but in case it were:
Do you think these 1971 recordings will come to light?
We know that the first three albums have not yet been officially released and remastered. But most believe they can be released either separately or through a boxset. If it were through a boxset (in the style of "The Early Years" Pink Floyd box set), which include the first 4 albums (including "Organization - Tone Float") and at the same time these unreleased 1971 recordings and officially edit Their TV shows and their radio recordings from 1969 to 1973.
Do you think that could happen?


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Posted 01 May 2017 - 05:22 PM

I never even knew about this! I guess it would be interesting to hear how a Schneider/Dinger/Rother album might have sounded, but if they are unfinished demos in the hands of Florian, then we'll probably never hear them until he dies, and even then his estate might not want to release them. If they belong to someone else, again we may never hear them until they leak by pure chance.


SInce Ralf didn't have anything to do with that incarnation of Kraftwerk, then he probably won't release them on officially sanctioned pre-Autobahn albums or on a box set, even if it would be of huge interest to the fans.

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 12:30 PM

i see it only one way: a compilation of 70-73 tracks which don't contradict the standard concept i.e. no rock guitars & drumkits - i'd call it album # 0

Megaherz / Vom Himmel Hoch (bomber/siren part) / Klingklang / Atem / Strom (without fuzz-guitar intro) / Harmonica / Tongebirge / Kristallo / Heimatklänge / Tanzmusik / Ananas Symphonie



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Posted 10 May 2017 - 02:45 PM

Keep in mind what happens when musicians pass away, their vaults get raided and some gems start to see the light. Mind you with Ralf's lawyers I wouldn't be surprised if everything was locked up for another thousand years, the second coming of Kraftwerk.

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