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Terms and Conditions of use

************************************************************ IMPORTANT: RULES, DISCLAIMER, LEGAL STUFF ************************************************************ BY BROWSING FORUMS OR BY ENGAGING ANY OTHER ACT WHICH WILL GET YOU ACCES TO THIS FORUM YOU AGREE, WITHOUT RESERVE TO ALL THESE RULES AND STATEMENTS. (SEE BELOW FOR THE DISCLAIMER AND LEGAL STUFF) RULES OF CONDUCT 1. In general: just behave 2. We are in here for the fun, everyone who spoils that, will be banned for a set time 3. Electric Cafe is like any other ordinary cafe. Some of the people you will know, others you don`t, maybe there are even persons in the same cafe you don `t like. But all visitors in a cafe have one thing in common. Their interest in this Cafe. 4. Talk to other visitors with respect. DISCLAIMER We will make it a matter of conduct only to share stuff which is not commercially available. This includes: -bootlegs -live-concerts recorded by individuals -radio or tv-shows -Material which is not in a backcatalogue (like singles, 12", b-sides, remixes etc) -Amateur-photo's or video's -newspaper or magazine clippings -Miscellaneous stuff with only collectors-value So we don't share -Albums, singles, video's, dvd's or other stuff which is still commercially available We share our files because we consider ourself as fans of these bands. We will not infringe on their rights or limit their income by illegaly sharing official stuff. the files we are sharing,have only collectors value, and historical significance, to a very limited group of people. They have no commercial value and are in no way harmfull to anyone. By sharing these files, some of which are very rare, they will propagate among a loyal fanbase, thus limitting the chance they will perisch forever. Consider, in this respect, the amount of art which was lost in wars or disasters, never to be seen again. We don't make money or any other personal gain from these files and we don't trade. Our only gratification is to listen to them. IF ANYONE FINDS FILES IN SHARE WHICH ARE STILL COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE, PLEASE CONTACT US AND WE WILL REMOVE THEM FROM SHARE If anyone has a problem with specific files, please contact us and we will remove them from share if their claim is valid. LEGAL STUFF: We give any user of Electric Cafe specificly the right to browse all forums for personal use. A) The ownership rests solely with the respective rightholders In no way you can use these files for commercial reasons or as bargaining chips in a trade B) In no way Electric Cafe can be hold accountable for any illegal use of these files C) Browsing our files, ie. gaining access to the forum for any other reason is prohibited by law Any information gathered by unlawfull entry is therefore dismissible and punishble. D) If you are a member of a Law Enforcement Agency, or an associate of such an agency, you are advised that you must cease and desist further entry into this forum without a valid bench-warrant for such entry. This forum is for private use only. The files contained herein are for private viewing by authorized persons for educational purposes only. None of the binary files can be received or viewed by anyone not able to personally warrant their research procedures. This forum is not responsible for such warranty. E) This document or any following directory listing may not be reproduced, duplicated or distributed in any fashion. Any person accessing this forum that works for, or represents in any way, a software company, internet service provider, reseller, government/law enforcement agency(s) or any individual who will provide information as to the contents found on this forum by said person to such aforementioned agencies must close this window immediately. This forum is protected under International law and relevant rules of conduct of the European Union. Unauthorized access is prohibited. BY BROWSING FORUMS OR BY ENGAGING ANY OTHER ACT WHICH WILL GET YOU ACCES TO THIS FORUM YOU AGREE, WITHOUT RESERVE TO ALL THE ABOVE RULES AND STATEMENTS. © 2007